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At Allure Lifestyle Communities, there are countless opportunities for our residents to discover new interests, make new connections, and live vibrantly. Our goal is to create an engaging and rewarding environment of whole-body wellness, culture, warmth, and social fulfillment. Here you will find additional resources to enhance your next chapter in life.

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But I’m Too Young to Live There!

Do you want to know the most common reason people say they aren’t ready to move to senior living? “I’m too young!” There is a commonly held misconception that retirement living is only for “old people,” but in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re in the “I’m too young” camp, challenge yourself with what you think you’re too young for. Are you too young for live concerts just steps away from your front door? A beautiful fitness center you can use whenever you want? Getting creative and learning how to do things you’ve always thought would be fun but never had time for? Meeting wonderful new friends to add to your social circle?

Today’s retirement communities, particularly active adult communities like The Spring at Silverton, are not the retirement communities of 30 years ago. People move to active adult communities because they want more – more experiences, more independence, more friends, more opportunities to shape the next chapter of their lives.

It’s important to remember that everyone in an active adult community is in a similar stage of life, but everyone’s journey is different.  Some people seek more social interactions and others value their privacy.  Some people value activity and others take it slower out of necessity or choice.  Some people are busy with family while others are establishing other networks of support.  Challenge yourself to have an open mind to fully embrace all the wonderful new people you will meet. 

One of the biggest benefits of moving to an active adult community is just that – community. It’s downsizing from that family home you no longer need or leaving an apartment with loud teenagers who play music at all hours of the night and instead living with neighbors who “get it.” Your new neighbors will come from all walks of life and have countless interesting stories to tell, and they can relate to what you are going through. The joy over learning how to paint when you had all but given up on the idea. The concern over interacting with grandkids who are entering those dreaded teenage years. The nervousness as you start a new exercise class and wonder if you’ll look silly. The peace of sitting with a cup of coffee quietly visiting with a new friend. The comfort of having that new friend call to ask how the doctor appointment went.

Active adult living gives you the freedom to embrace this chapter of your life and make it exactly what you want, with incredible people alongside you who are in the same boat. Are you ready to not only love where you live, but more importantly how you live? Then join us!

Residents riding their bikes near The Spring at Silverton in Fort Worth, Texas.
Resident enjoying a cup of coffee outside at The Spring at Silverton in Fort Worth, Texas.

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